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Graduates of the International Program of Medicine General Knowledge Exam
(Examen Profesional)

April 13, 2018

  1. The next General Exam of Knowledge (Examen Profesional) will be held on April 13, 2018. In case of exceeding capacity on the day of the exam, then April 12 will be opened as an additional test date.
  2. Registration open until March 19TH, 2018.
  3. Applications for the Exam can be requested at the International Students Affairs Office (ISAO).
    Phone: (33) 36-48-83-05 ext. 3 2348       E-mail: pim@edu.uag.mx
  4. Once the application has been received, please allow 10 business days for a response to the e-mail provided.
  5. No person will be allowed to apply for the Exam if he/she did not receive a confirmation form. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Documents to be presented on the day of the Exam:

  1. You must bring any oficial identification.
  2. Provide 2 color passport size (US standards) photographs. Uncovered forehead, white background, without smiling. In case of men also short hair, clean short and well outlined beard for your Degree in Process Letter for ECFMG. Please provide us in the back of the photographs your UAG ID and if you also have your ECFMG ID.
  3. Bring your printed Confirmation Form.
  4. Copy of Immigration Form (received when you enter Mexico).

Time and Place:

Registration starts at 8:00 am
International Program of Medicine office (ICB). Exam starts at 9:00 am – ICB computer Lab.

“Strictly” Formal.

Men: suit, dress pants, NO jeans, hair must be short and groomed, facial hair must be trimmed and groomed, no sneakers.

Women: formal, no mini-skirts, no plunging neckline, no sandals or sneakers.

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