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As a member of the UAG Alumni Association, you will be part of a constituency that has a positive impact on the US community and the University.

The Alumni Association is proud to recognize the academic achievements of the 15,000 plus bilingual physicians that currently practice around the world.

UAG Alumni Association seeks to make connections with UAG alumni and to encourage you to get involved in our activities and programs.

“UAG gave me an opportunity to attend medical school and provided me with many experiences to learn from.  UAG also showed me that studying medicine is a life-long commitment, and continuous study is a personal responsibility and rests on the student.  I also got the chance to see through upper semester students that many things are possible if you actively pursue your goals and not allow minor bumps in the road deter you.”

Behnam Faridian, UAG MD

“Hello guys my name is Rafa Otero, I am a current 5th year student who is part of the 2018 cohort that will be graduating this May. I was just recently given notice that I matched into internal medicine which is a huge dream of mine. I want to give a special thanks to my family and friends who supported me along this long road and to UAG who gave me the tools to succeed. I want to let you all know that everything here is all possible, but you have to go and grab it. Nothing in life will be easy, but at the end everything will be all worth it. So I want to give huge thank you to everyone that was here along the way.”

Rafael Otero, UAG MD